Monday, July 02, 2007

Trade unions in IT sector -Need of the hour?

What will happen if a left party controlled trade union demand for higher renumeration and the like from an IT firm like infosys?
There cannot be a worse nightmare for Narayana Muthy(Infosys Chief Mentor)....but is it necessary?

are the graduates from Engineering colleges made to work like slaves for a pittance of an amount?
Is there a mismatch between the number of hours put in by a "fresher" at these IT firms and the profit these firms amass?

Will such a move hamper the prospects of thousands of Engineering students hoping to get placed in IT firms ?

looking forward to your valuable suggestions.....

Should all the white collar job loving Indians in the IT field do a "collective bargaining"( in the form of a Union) to fatten their pay packet?

It seems working conditions in many IT firms are very deplorable....with huge health hazards and the like this


മൂര്‍ത്തി said...
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മൂര്‍ത്തി said...

Please see this
and this

sreeletha said...

Really it is quiet alarming But the IT professionals are not recognising the real facts