Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fields Medal --Nobel Prize of Mathematics

The Fields Medal is one of the most prestigious Mathematics prizes.It is given by the International Congress of Mathematicians every four years to a maximum of three Mathematicians of age under 40.
This year ICM is going be held in the month of november and for the first time a Mathematician of Indian origin by name MANJUL BHARGAVA is predicted to win it.

He is Professor of Mathematics,Princeton University(Princeton University is the Mathematical centre of the Universe).He works in the area of ALGEBRAIC NUMBER THEORY.His work is considered to be an extension of Gauss' work.

Mathematicans all over are eagerly awaiting for the ICM to break the long silence about the most prestigious recognition in the area of Mathematics.Indian contribution in the field of Mathematics in the last fifty years has been very meagre."Polynomial time deterministic algorithm for checking the primalty of numbers" by Prof:Manaindra Agarwal of IIT Kanpur was the only noteworthy contribution by a nation of one billion people in the recent times.

Mathematics,the queen of Sciences seems to be lacking the popularity it deserves due to some obscure reason.In India IITs take a lion's share of the most talented young blood of Mathematics and they end up persuing their higher studies in an Engineering descipline thus denying Math a brilliant student.China is supposed to be having a very strong base in pure Science Education ,this being reflected in their IMO performance(All five Chinese candidates get gold medals invariably from time immemorial).
The standard of Math,Science and Engineering Education is very critical for a country's Technological Progress and it being a centre of Research and Development and there by Innovation.India and China have been benefitting due to this for quite a long time by now.The US edge on Tech and R&D seems be eroding and the Asian countries seems to be catching up.

This is the right time for India to Rise and shine in an increasingly Asian Century.

Monday, March 27, 2006

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Vedic Philosophy for Students

What is the Vedas?
Veda means Knowledge.Any knowledge you accept is veda for the teachings of the veda are the original knowledge.

Why is the Material Knowlede imperfect?
Ours is a conditioned soul.The differnce between a conditioned soul and a liberated soul is that a condioned soul suffers from four major defects. The first one being the infalliblity of making mistakes as the saying goes to err is human.The second one is to be illusioned and the third being the cheating propensity.Everyone tries hard to portray himself as much better than he really is.Lastly our senses are imperfect.Even our intellect has its own limitations though we fail to ackowledge it.

Vedic knowlege is also called Sabda-pramana.Another name is Sruti.It is the absolute knowledge given to us by the supreme God-Head.Aim of Vedic Research is to explore the almighy and paths of reaching it.

The Composition of Vedas
Originally there was only one Veda. Ancient people had the memory and intelligence to grasp and remember the whole purport after hearing just once from their spiritual master.But five thousand years ago Vsayadeva put the vedas in writng for the people of our times i e the Kaliyuga
He divided the Vedas into four parts -Rig , Sam, Atharva and Yajur Vedas.He also compiled Mahabharatha and Puranas as well as the Upanisads.Then he summerised all these into "Vedanta-Sutra".This is the latest word of the Vedas.
has commentaries by many people.Vyasadeva himself has given a perfect comentary by name "Srimad Bhagavatham" which talks about the absolute knowledge and its nature is described in "Srimad Bhagavad Gita".

Astrology : Should we beleive in it?

The Sanatana Dharma philosophy teaches the "Law of Karma" which talks about God neither punishing nor rewarding anyone and that we reward and punish overselves with our own deeds .Only devotional services can destroy our Karma.
So we are fortunate enough to get a human body in this birth and to be able to read this blog of mine.Now in our past millions of birth we have accumulated a lot of Karma with our actions.So we will be enjoying/suffering the consequences of these actions all our present life.....which implies the events unfolding in our lives were already predetermined and you have very little of a "freewill".
Thus the so called "pseudo-science" of astrology is trying to uncover what is in store for you in your present life.Doesnt this make some sense to you?

Mathematics undergrad Programmes

There are quite a large number of students who have a lot of interest to persue pure science programmes in Math ,Physics and related areas and they seem to be lacking the proper guidance.
There are two very good institutes that offer world class undergrad Math programmes in India (to the best of my Knowledge).

There are separate entrance exams for entry to these prestigous institutions.you can find detalied information about them in these links.

Office of Profit?

why did the office of profit issue come to light all of a sudden? Does that mean that all the MPs and MLAs were having offices of profit till now and nobody was bothered untill some one "notified" the EC about it?

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Rise of CHINA

The dragon is roaring ....the worlds fastest growing economy and the most populous nation in the world is rising to challenge the American hegemony.
These are just some of the facts and figures about our neighbour roaring on the otherside of Himayalas.
CHINA has overtaken the US as the world's largest recipient of FDI.(Even India has overtaken the US now).CHINA has overtaken Britain and France to become the fourth largest Economy of the world.(US,Japan and Germany being larger than them).CHINA is expected to become second largest economy by a couple decades ..and the world's largest in another couple of them.
CHINA has the largest number of telephone lines,World's largest army,largest railway network etc...
CHINA has become only the third nation after the US and the erstwhile USSR to send man to space indigenously.CHINA has developed " Neutron Bombs" ,an atomic bomb with extraordinary devastating potentials.(only the US has this currently).
CHINA is already the world's largest importer of foreign goods and services and is expected to become the World's largest exporter also by 2010.(currently the US Germany and Japan are ahead of it).
Since the late seventies when CHINA started their "economic reforms " ,the chinese economy has been growing at an average rate of 9.4% per annum...which has made it the fastest growing economy in the World.But this economic progress at a neck-breaking pace was acheived with its own drawbacks ....like the huge urban-rural divide and the rising diparities in income levels of its 1.3 billion popullation.

When Mao Zedong had captured power in 1949,China was facing almost the same problems as India. .Appaling illitracy,poverty and mass unemployment and rudimentary state of the economy were prominent them.But what is that made them so successful fifty years later and why are Indians still hounded by these age old problems of poverty ,unemployment and illitracy?
India has 26 crores of its people below the poverty-line and about 36crores of people who cannot read and write in even their mother tongue.A huge chunk of the people below the povert line in the world have their dwelling place in India.India ia among the most corrupt nations of the world.
So was following the Nehru propagated socialist system a big failure?

When our neighbour on the other side of Himalayas is rising to challenge the Americans ,India seems to be "missing the bus" on many occasions.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bhagavad Gita--The Essence of Vedic Knowledge

Bhagavad Gita is universally renowed as the brightest jewel of Indian spiritual knowledge and wisdom.It provides a perfect guide to the science of Self- realization.Indeed ,no work even compares in its revelations of man's essential nature ,his environment and ,ultimately ,his relationship with God.

What the so called "Atheists " dont understand is that our senses and the intellect are imperfect and limited .They invariably associate themsleves with their body and all their activities are related to this material world. Thus they remained engrossed in the material persuits of wealth,fame and power.

The true aim of this human body given to yourself and myself is the persuit of the highest knowlwedge and Self realization.It will take some time for us to truely comprehend the meaning of these sentences ....