Sunday, May 21, 2006

China had built one of the fastest trains inthe world and now the longest dam?

China -the roaring Asian dragon is flexing its muscles again .It has built one of the fastest trains as well as the longest dam in the world to solve the annual river flooding problem and also produce abundant electricity.
About the Chinese train.
``The successful test of the train shows that China has mastered the technology of low-to medium-speed maglev trains,'' said Zhang Kunlun, deputy director of the School of Electrical Engineering of the Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu.
The maglev(Magnetic Levigation) train was developed by a maglev research team of the university, one of China's key engineering universities.
With a weight of 18 tonnes, the test train can carry 60 persons. It can travel at speeds of up to 160 kmph.

The Chinese dam.
China completed construction of the world's largest dam on the 20th of May,2006, in Three Gorges area, central China's Hubei province, signifying a milestone accomplishment that aims to tame the flood-prone Yangtze river, the nation's longest.
This is also a major Hydro-elecric project.

China is building the much needed infrastructure to compete with their arch -rivals the US.The Chinese millineam is just unfolding.

US loosing the edge over R&D?

US has substantially increased the number of H1B visas which allows immigrants with an advanced university degree in Science ,Technology ,Engineering or Math to easily attain green card and help the Americans help consolidate their hegemony in the esteemed area of Research and are more Asians welcome to the US?
Already all major Universities have Indian & Chinese Profesors at the helm of their affairs. US seems to be slowly but steadily loosing its edge over technological research which is an after-effect of inferior Science and Math education at the highschool level.This is happening at exactly the time when the dollar is increasily losing its are we all heading for a great American collapse?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

World Telecommunication Day

Today MAY 17TH is World Telecom day....realizing the importance for a global movement to building up an information society and its potential for development ,The international Telelcomunications Union (ITU) has rightly called upon the telecommunity to celebrate this year's World telecom day as "World Information Society day".The ITU has also stressed the importance and urgency of promoting Global Cybersecurity in order to infuse confidence in the user-community of the cyberspace .

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gaokao-The fearsome Chinese University Entrance Examination

This is the University Entrance Examination of China ..which is sat by about 8 million(80 lakhs) 18 year olds a year and failed by 3 million of them ,unless you were a Math geek during your highschool.

again more about this after my exams.....

Happy to be in China prison?

Democracy can never come to a land where people ,busy making money , are just not willing to destabalise the system ,inspite of the prison camps and mass capital punishment.

More abt Chinese highschool and University Education system and its rise.....
after my exams...