Friday, July 13, 2007

Salary hike for profs in India

This if done long back could initiate a reverse brain drain in Engineering and Management academia.As usual India is always late.but better late than never.

Indian Institute of Science Education Research at Pune ,Kolkatta and Buvaneshwar.
Integrated Masters after 12th 5 years. and Integrated PhD after Undergrad.

Institute of Space Science and Technology.Trivandrum. Kerala.
BTech and Integrated Masters in Applied Science.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Collapse of the US dollar?

If the US dollar collapses what could be the most important repercussions around the world?
Firstly what are the reasons for the possible collapse of the US dollar?
Huge trade and Budget deficit of the US .America had been living beyond its means for far too long now .Trade deficit with China alone is $202 billion. ­The $US has declined 40% against the Euro over the last 2 years, and during this time America's trade deficit has continues to deteriorate.The decline of other currencies against the US dollar is not offsetting the balance.

China,Russia and Japan who have huge amount of dollar reserve are planing to shift a considerable amount of their reserves to the Euro .This will only hasten the lack of confidence in the dollar, creating a global lack of confidence in the currency, and setting it into free-fall. It will soon bring about the total collapse of the dollar, and the American economy.

The US invasion of Iraq and hostile relations with Iran has prompted the Oil producing countries to shift crude oil transactions to Euro .This will also set the dollar into free fall.

Its impact on US and rest of the World

The collapse of the dollar will throw the world into a global depression. Those nations with large external debts will not be able to trade sufficiently to earn the income to service their debts, and will slide into bankruptcy. The economies of New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the UK will also totally collapse, as a result of their indebtedness and not being able to service their borrowings. Crime will become rampant. Law and order will cease to exist. Disease will become widespread.
Though Asian economies will also be affected....they will recover after a mammoth turmoil.

Impact on India

Millions of Indians in US...academia and industry will fly back home back launching India into utter chaos.Back in India the IT/ITeS industry will collapse and Infosys/TCS/Wipro/Sathyam will close down.

Who will recruit the thousands of Engineering graduates passing out each year other than the IT firms which are closing now.?

Highly qualified Indian Engineers from IBM/Bell Labs/Intel/Microsoft and Profs from MIT/Berkeley/Stan/CalTech might soon be applying for Faculty positions in the Europe/India.(Will this make IITs/IISc/TIFR leading centers of Research as their highly reputed alumni have come back to their alma mater ?

Will the leading US Universities be able to attract and fund the bright students of Asia and Europe?
where will the toppers of IITs/Beijing University and other leading Asian universities go ?
so "brain drain" to the US will come to halt? and Europe will be the new destination?

I think this will give a great opportunity for India to 'rise and shine" in this post American collapse world.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Terence Tao

He is the Mozart of Math .Professor at UCLA at 24.
Fields Medalist .
Here is another article which has his Biography.

Here is his own blog.

Friday, July 06, 2007

US afraid of a Rising China?

US Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton says "lets not FEAR or IGNORE this rising dragon "....
America's charge :
China had "manipulated" its currency (exchange rate) and earned an "unfair" advantage in global trade ..especially against the US which had been living beyond its means for a very long time by now and weakening its own currency and fueled speculations of a "collapse of US dollar" and the like...
The trade deficit with China alone is $202 billion and rising ...

Hillary is "afraid" that the new US president will have to "face" a dramatically empowered China....complains that the present Bush administration has failed to "curb" China initiate dialog on trade , undervalued currency and human rights....

Obama too ....
The Harvard Law Graduate ..Illinous senator Barack Obama ..the rock star politician and Hillary's closest Democrat rival is also pessimistic about China.. he says
"China has manipulated its currency for years in order to gain an unfair advantage over the United States in trade. Unfortunately, the Administration has failed to effectively challenge or change China's behavior"...

effectively "challenge or change" Chinese behavior is going to be his strategy ?

China embraced communism two year after Indian Independence....initiated Economic reforms two decades before India and has leap-frogged into the fourth largest Economy of the world by dwarfing even the "world colonizer" Britain,..

what has India been doing all these years? We "missed the bus " on too many occasions....

Few Disturbing facts for India....
China has leveraged largest number of people out of poverty in the shortest period of time .
Microsoft Research Center at Beijing has become the "hottest computer lab" in the World according to MIT Tech Review .
The article is here
This place finds special mention in Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat"..

Beijing University finds a place in top 15 Universities of the World...but the combined output of IITs and IISc put together is equal to that of second tier Chinese Universities ....

China has mastered "Neutron" bomb technology ...,possesses inter Continental Ballistic Missiles ..has befriended Africa for its natural resources to fuel its "over heating " economy ....
India is sleeping .....I guess

Monday, July 02, 2007

Trade unions in IT sector -Need of the hour?

What will happen if a left party controlled trade union demand for higher renumeration and the like from an IT firm like infosys?
There cannot be a worse nightmare for Narayana Muthy(Infosys Chief Mentor)....but is it necessary?

are the graduates from Engineering colleges made to work like slaves for a pittance of an amount?
Is there a mismatch between the number of hours put in by a "fresher" at these IT firms and the profit these firms amass?

Will such a move hamper the prospects of thousands of Engineering students hoping to get placed in IT firms ?

looking forward to your valuable suggestions.....

Should all the white collar job loving Indians in the IT field do a "collective bargaining"( in the form of a Union) to fatten their pay packet?

It seems working conditions in many IT firms are very deplorable....with huge health hazards and the like this